Thursday, April 02, 2009

This afternoon's visit with the bone doctor:

click to enlargeX-ray on left:
Slight fracture ... simple cast ... fast recovery.
X-ray on right:
Spoke too soon ... reposition metacarpal ... attach pins ... surgery early next week.
click to enlarge

Prior to Tuesday evening's ER visit, I went ahead and asked my husband to cut off the ring that my parents gave me almost thirty years ago. Even without the swelling from my injury, it couldn't have been removed without wire cutters.Sweet Sixteen gift

I expect to visit a jeweler and have it fixed up good-as-new after my hand is all better.


  1. Surprised you still had that little ring after all these years.

  2. hi,
    yesterday i got similar x-ray picture, same type of bracke on my left arm. Oh, i worry so mutch: will i play guitar again some day or not any more.
    How is Your metacarpus now? do You feel it is weak? No?
    Thanx or Your x-ray.


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