Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good mews

Kitty's been especially restless during her mealtime visits for the last several days. What a blessing that Sarah decided to join her on the back porch this evening -- Kitty began laboring before she could even finish her supper.

Sarah suddenly became Kitty's midwife.

She's had two kittens since this photo was taken almost an hour ago. Although Kitty's noticeably thinner already, Sarah thinks she feels about four more.

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8:10p With two kittens
With her two new kittens
8:50p Two kittens
Blurry photo of two kittens, but Sarah will kill me if I go back and ask to take more right now.
9:25p Still only two kittens
Sarah made sure kittens One and Two stayed warm as their mother continued to labor.
Kitty's had a difficult time with this, so Sarah deserves a pat on the back for seeing her through it.
9:30p The new mother with her first two kittens
Taking care of her newborn
11:30p Kitty's resting and nursing her five newborns after being moved into a large pet taxi.

I'm intrigued by how well things fell into place tonight:

  • After a pair of neighborhood dogs had shown up to harass Kitty during her supper, she was so hissing-mad that I suggested Sarah come back indoors. She stayed though, and helped Kitty through several hours of difficult labor.
  • Sarah heard and then saw signs of coyotes in the vicinity, possibly attracted to the smell of fresh meat. I suspect the kittens (and perhaps even Kitty) wouldn't have survived the night if she'd chosen to nest in an unsecured spot and have her kittens alone.
  • And to top it off, Sarah's on Spring Break, so there's no concerns about getting to bed for an early morning. How great is that?


  1. Now this is what blogs must really be for. I hope the future for these new arrivals is not a problem for you. What a touching story of how this event unfolded. Sarah has experienced something I never have.

  2. Actually, I think minute-by-minute announcements (AKA microblogging) are best left to Twitter. I went ahead and used my blog for Kitty's labor-and-childbirth updates, though, since my family's cellphone plan doesn't have Texting capability ... which Sarah complains about almost daily. (btw she's the reason we had it disabled years ago.)


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