Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I've quickly learned to use Blogger's new follow feature, which enables me to see updates to my favorite blogs each time I sign in. Whenever I add another to the list, I'm taken back to that fateful evening in 1975 when my mother introduced my sister and me to live theater at Playhouse on the Square, and this familiar line goes through my head:


Hint: The Fantasticks

Give up? follow-follow-follow this link

The Fantasticks

And as long as we're there ...
can you stand just 30 more Fantastick seconds?

You can get the Rape Emphatic
You can get the Rape Polite
You can get the Rape With Indians
A very calming sight


  1. Love the new banner. I definitely made me smile. 8-)

  2. I'm still able to play this (I think) on our CD player. If not, I still have another way to enjoy it, and I can easily see in my mind the live performance in Memphis. Everyone should see this musical live at least once.


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