Sunday, February 01, 2009

Is she or isn't she?

Crisis du Jour:

Another mouth to feed — and this one might be pregnant.

Although I live in a peacefully dog-less household, this doesn't mean I've ever thought I need one around to eat leftovers ... because I do. Several neighbor mutts stroll through my back yard each day for table scraps. One even has me trained to respond to his bark by showing up at the door with food. Although their frequent visits discourage stray cats in the area, one wild female has hung around for at least six months and has grown increasingly dependent on me for healthy meals. You could say she's got me even better trained than the dogs do.

We're calling her Kitty for now

Kitty's appetite has become so difficult to satisfy this winter that I've begun to suspect she's eating for a litter of kittens in her belly.

I'd like that even less than some of the other unwelcome varmints that are attracted to Friskies Gourmet Salmon Dinner:The family's pet possum

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