Sunday, October 05, 2008

In the spotlight

There's a new celebrity in the family ...

and it's my Daddy!

The lengthy story that appeared in Weeks Bay Reserve's recent Pelican Post newsletter was way too long to fit here, so I've omitted much of the bio, along with telltale identifying information (to discourage paparazzi and creepy weirdos from hunting him down). What's left are its most important points:

  • They're delighted he's arrived.
  • They've realized how fortunate they are to have him as part of the Weeks Bay Reserve team.
  • He's a treasured volunteer!
  • And I couldn't bear to remove that handsome mugshot.

Still too small to read? Click the image to enlarge
Weeks Bay newsletter - The Pelican Post


  1. Congratulations!!! I can easily understand why Wendell's in the spotlight. We still remember meeting him when we went to Devils Tower Visitor's Center two summers ago. He was so nice, and outgoing, informative, and just a pleasure to talk to. I'm sure he doesn't remember us, but we remember him! What an awesome write-up about him. And a purty darn handsome photo too!

  2. Well, all right, then! Good stuff, thanks for sharing.


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