Friday, October 24, 2008

Uncle Hugh's Gorilla Beans

The Gorilla Beans motto:

It's gonna be a long night.
Whenever I receive word that Hugh's paying a visit, I check the pantry for ingredients to fix one of his favorite foods. Hugh likes this side dish so well that he even dreamed up its special name: Gorilla Beans

A new family recipe that's
sure to be handed down for generations

Gorilla Beans ingredients

This makes enough to feed a half-dozen or more hungry mouths, but seconds are allowed only for those who don't share a bedroom.

Special touches:

  • Slow warming in a cast iron skillet adds authenticity and gives dinner guests the impression that you've "cooked something" for them.
  • Combine the two bean varieties with painstaking care, as demonstrated below.

Move over, Emeril!


  1. This is a funny post. How'd you get that music on the video? Had not noticed your videos having music before.

  2. My home videos oftentimes include busy-household background noise like TVs, telephones, appliances and people. YouTube's AudioSwap feature disguises all that, along with the banging-and-clanging pans and utensils that typically accompany my cooking demonstrations.


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