Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sentimental sandwich

The sense of smell, almost more than any other, has the power to recall memories.

Rachel Carson · 1907-1964

After scouring the pantry to avoid grocery shopping, I ended up fixing a tuna sandwich for today's lunch. Its not-so-sweet aroma brought back pleasant memories of the Sunday suppers of my childhood. My mother's recent trip down memory lane has inspired me to share it with my dedicated readers:

A Special Sentimental Letter

Smells bad · Tastes good

Mae Dean's Sunday Night Tuna Sandwiches

· one can of the best tuna you can afford
· one hard-boiled egg, peeled and smashed into bits
· a dollop of Kraft Real Mayonnaise
· toasted white bread (wheat will suffice)
· You can include yucky pickles if you like that sort of thing.

Slicing the sandwich in half diagonally is recommended, since this makes it taste even better:

A diagonal cut makes a sandwich taste better

This really hits the spot, particularly with a great big glass of skim milk. I regret that I haven't carried on my mother's tradition with my own kids.


  1. Don't think I told you that this post made me so hungry for tuna that I had some the first day I read this. Did you know you can buy a little kit that is one serving which includes the tuna in a pouch as well as some separate condiments of mayo and pickle relish, a tiny plastic spoon and 4 crackers? I had this in our room at the HIE in Marshall, Texas.


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