Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Redneck entertainment at its finest

A new twist on the current June bug genocide:
Finishing off injured beetles by running over them with a Micro-Mini Ford truck. (I prefer to think of it as putting them out of their misery.)

If only I owned a digital camera that allowed more than 15 seconds of video footage, this could be worthy of CMT's Country Fried Home Videos:

Watch an action demo:

During this short BKF film clip, at least two insects are swatted by this innovative device. That comes to over 200 kills per hour — an admirable record.

15-second Bug Killer Fan demonstration video


  1. Is this before or after your sweep-up blogged yesterday? That bug-killing fan really works.

  2. This was the following night.

    Yep, there's that many June bugs night-after-night-after-night.

  3. We had some of this kind of entertainment on the screened porch recently. A poor but sizable spider decided it was a good place to build a sizable web. Getting down that web and getting rid of the spider took several minutes. What a let down when it was all over :(


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