Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I've come to the conclusion that the most beautiful sights to see are not in the art galleries, they are all around. Just open your eyes.

Paul Taylor · American choreographer

With more than ten dance companies to choose from, Angie and I trusted Aunt Patsy to decide which performance we would attend – and she chose wisely! We were treated to several Paul Taylor programs choreographed over the last forty years. My favorite of these was also set to music by another of my favorites, Johann Sebastian Bach. Taylor has been hailed as "the greatest living American choreographer" – and it's therefore so naturally perfect for his work to be accompanied by greatest composer of all time.

Here's a 26-second glimpse at Esplanade:

And for those of you who want to watch every step from beginning to end:

· Paul Taylor's Esplanade · 1 of 5
· Paul Taylor's Esplanade · 2 of 5
· Paul Taylor's Esplanade · 3 of 5
· Paul Taylor's Esplanade · 4 of 5
· Paul Taylor's Esplanade · 5 of 5

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