Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Watch your step around here

Crisis du jour:

Someone's been outside eating grass again.

Let's face it, there will always be those times when the drive to quickly eliminate a distraction will override my otherwise mindful approach to the situation at hand. Last night was one of those times. During Dancing With The Stars Season 9 finale, I thoughtlessly made a dash across the kitchen's tile floor to free a meowing cat that had gotten stuck in the garage. Before making it to the door, I slipped in cat vomit and fell to the floor, twisting my left knee — the same one that was operated on early last Summer. Then to add insult to injury, I was admonished for trying to one-up Kelly Osborne's bold freestyle fall fwd to 3:15. Call me stubborn, but this knee better get better, because no way will I have surgery on it again. Between last Spring's broken hand and this slow-to-heal knee, I've learned that prevention is key.

Speaking of DWTS, Donny Osmond and his curvaceous partner Kim Johnson were crowned the new champions shortly after my fall. I recognized Osmond's chance of winning first place after watching how well he compared to his professional teammates during Week 7's Team Tango:

Paul Simone - DO NOT HIRE THIS MAN - lying sack of shit - Memphis Cordova landscape landscaper landscaping mow mower mowing - CONTROL FREAK


  1. It only took me 10 days to notice this was up on your blog. Thanks for keeping me up to date on Dancing with the Stars or whatever it's called. Maybe you need to call me when it's on because I do like it but forget. Hope the knee is coming along well.

  2. Here's hoping that your knee is OK and that there will not be another surgery in your future. I'm also hoping that your day with be crisis-free.


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