Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here kitty·kitty·kitty

You know those jokes about the little old lady who has ten cats? Well, there's ten cats around here and I'm evidently that lady. Thankfully, we're only fostering Mama's five kittens, most of which are expected to adopt out to permanent homes. My 16-year-old cat — who hates all other felines — is adjusting to life with Lori's three younger cats, two of which are part-Bengal. Her other cat is the strong, silent type who knows how to throw his weight around but wouldn't dream of actually harming anyone.

Otep's favorite spot
atop the fridge

Lording over the kitchen
Mojo's found the softest
blanket in the house

Surrounding herself in comfort

Brother is the self-appointed Keeper Of The Stairs
Another reason to watch your step on the staircase

Good thing I'm a Cat Person, ain't it?

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