Friday, January 23, 2009

When it's not just a cold

Crisis du Jour:

That hot-hot feeling burning inside the bridge of my nose up through my eyeballs means only one thing: My annual sinus infection.

Sinus infection

Although these take longer to recover from with each passing year, I still avoid running for a quickie shot of penicillin in the hopes that my body will remember its pattern of defending itself against infectious disease ... and because I hate going to the doctor's office anyway. There's just something mildly humiliating about verifying whether the goo coming from my nasal cavity is clear, yellowish, or deep green in color.

So while my white blood cells are doing their thing, I follow several useful habits developed from my years of experience:

  • Treat symptoms with various OTC medications, including Advil Cold & Sinus, Nyquil/Dayquil, Mucinex.
  • At least one hot steamy shower per day.
  • Stock up on a half-dozen or so Puff's Plus® with lotion -- no other brand, no other type of Puffs. I can typically work my way through the first Family Size box quickly, and then begin following the convenient clean-to-dirty pattern illustrated below:
Clean box, dirty box, clean box, dirty box ...


  1. Maybe your allergic to the lotion in the Puffs :)

  2. The letters I had to type so the previous comment by me would perhaps show was duckstor. Isn't that interesting?

    And for this comment, it's syncep. hmmm...

  3. The unfortunate result of my intolerance for spam comments on my blog. And since even that is no guarantee, readers must still wait for their comments to pass that tiresome approval process.

    Which makes me especially thankful for those who hang in there in spite of my roadblocks. Thanks so much for your understanding.

    : )


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