Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hoytie Toytie

Presenting ...

Miss Hoyte Bounds

Cute little thing, ain't she?
circa 1912

This adorable baby girl eventually became my grandmother — and lots more.

  • The school librarian who handed down the district's unwanted Dick-and-Janes from which I learned to read
  • The farmer's wife who could out-shuck, out-can, out-freeze and out-cook any other
  • A green thumb extraordinaire who lovingly created and tended Tippah County's most glorious daylily garden
  • An outstanding seamstress that kept my kids' closets packed with everything from heirloom garments to playclothes
  • The dedicated quilter who lovingly handstitched dozens of patchwork quilts for her family, along with countless gifts for St. Jude patients with fellow members of her local quilting guild

More genteel Southern Belle in her poised pinky finger than I have in my whole bodycirca 1930'sUp to her elbows in dumplins
The Daylily DivaThe Christmas she made aprons for all her girlsSo many hand-stitched quilts I've lost countMy favorite was her Garden Tomato Soup

My daddy even published his mother's Cornbread Dressing recipe in his first cookbook, Wendell's Favorites. Takes several days to fix properly, and every bite's worth all the work! Click on the image below to discover its location on the World Wide Web:

Hoyte's Cornbread Dressing recipe


  1. Carla, thanks for sharing this post. Your lovely words are a testament to a lovely woman. I'm sitting under that quilt pictured right now. It has been cherished since the day I recieved it. Thank you also of the lovely daylily picture. Have you ever thought of starting you own daylily garden. You could send Maggie and any other grands that come along out to pick their favorites when they visit. And just think of the fresh flowers you could have every day. Are any of her plants still around? And thank you, thank you for posting the sweet, sweet photo of baby Hoyte. I've never seen this before.

  2. It does need to be prepared on the Step One a day before you make the dressing, but the home-made chicken broth is definitely the secret.

  3. One more thing: I had not seen the baby photo until today.


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